B and E
Eddie and Baxter
C and K
Our wedding day 🙂

I’m a small town girl at heart. I was a military brat until the age of 7…lived in Northern VA and Las Vegas, NV. My dad retired and moved us to Eastern NC. I turned 7 in the car on that move…to this day that was my very favorite birthday! There is nothing in this world like being a daddy’s girl and just feeling absolutely adored. I have 3 older brothers. I loved being the youngest and the only girl. I guess you can say it made me tough…but it also made me feel so special.

I lost my daddy a year and half after my 7th birthday to a massive heart attack. That forever changed my life. I immediately went into survival mode. I’m sure that sounds strange. I had a mom that loved me and my 3 brothers, but everything changed. You don’t know how to process life events like this at that age.

Life has been a journey. I’ve been through so many disappointments, but God has seen me through all of them. I’m thankful for such a wonderful foundation with my daddy – that foundation gave me a glimpse into the eyes and heart of my Savior.

I’ve been living in the big city (well 2 big cities) since 1995, but I will always be a small town, Carolina girl at heart. I married the love of my life, Chuck, in 2005. He is such a blessing. We have two beautiful furry children and 3 babies in heaven.

It is my heart’s desire to help others realize their true God-given identity and walk in freedom with joy on this side of heaven. There is so much to say but not enough time. I hope you get a glimpse of my heart through reading my blog…even more than that, I hope you get a glimpse of His heart and feel His love.

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